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Welcome to Sarah's Homepage!
I hope you enjoy all the things that I have put on here. If you have any questions/comments/complaints, feel free to e-mail me! But remember, I am only 15, so please, not tooo many complaints. :-)

Free For All Link Exchange
Post your link to your own page, or your favorite one. Post as many as you like, but only legit ones, or I will delete them.

Classified Ads
Are you looking for something to buy, or selling something? Post your ad here, and hopefully get an answer!

Advice Board
Do you need advice on problems in life? Ask a question here, and you are sure to get an answer.

Girl Power Board
Girls! You can come to this board and talk with other girls. Sorry, guys, you are not allowed.

Free For All 2
Another Free For All Link Exchange. You know, you can't have to many of them :-)

My site must be good enough that some people gave me awards. Come and check them out!!

Chat Room
Chat with lots of different people from this site. Please don't use any vulgar language or anything in the chat.

Guys Chat
Sorry, girls, you are not allowed in this chat.
But, you guys are, so come in and chat away!

Voting Booth
Come on in and vote! The questions change frequently!!

Guys Stuff Board
This board is for you, guys. But, no girls. I know there is plenty of guy stuff that you want to talk about, so go for it!

Penpals (under 18)
Hey kiddies! Get a pen pal here. There is a guys board and a girls board, so it is easier to find what people you are looking for.

Penpals (over 18)
Adults, this is for you. There are about five different categories here to chose from, so I hope you find what you are looking for.

Earn money on the internet
You can get money online lots of ways. These are just a few, but I will be adding more as I find them.

Free Stuff
Here is a list of free things on the Internet that I am making. If you have anymore, send them to me.

Join my newsletter. There will just be periodic reminders about events and updates on this page.

Girls Chat
This is a chat for you, girls. No guys are allowed, so you can talk about whatever you want. I hope to see you in there!

Post Office
Send someone online a free virtual postcard.

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Don't worry, those were just jokes. I have no interest in legalizing pot.

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