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Free Money

Banner advertising on the internet has become very popular, and can be VERY profitable. By adding a small banner ad to your site, you could learn a LARGE monthly revenue! The places below are the best places available to begin making money from your site. Another popular method of making money on the internet is shown below also. You can actually get paid to surf the web!



You can earn up to 7 cents per click with Pennyweb. There are many banners to choose from.

Cyber Thrill Casino

Cyber Thrill says they will pay you 20 cents per click, but I have heard that they don't pay. Oh well, give it a try and tell me what you think.

Net Radio

At Net Radio, you can get 5ive cents per click-through. They have a bunch of radio channels, too! It is a cool site.

Get Paid to Surf the Web


They send you messages, then give you Rew@rds credits good for great free stuff like frequent flyer miles, gift certificates, meals, CDs, books, and more!

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